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user-generated content services
for mobile phone operators   for mass media, corporations,
institutions, political parties, clubs, ...
  for mobile phone operators
working with the deaf community
mobile chat
with sms, mms and video

● it's the application that drives most traffic, by far, in any mass-market data portal

● complete set of tools to ensure user protection, including moderation

● two of the three European largest operators are using it

mobile blogs

● extremely simple interface, the concept is close to a "mobile post-it®"

● integration with SMS provides induces additional revenue stream

mobile dating

● most "real-time" dating takes place in the chat, and "the serious one" in the internet; however, some users will also like "mobile serious dating"

mobile video
(universal video for GPRS and UMTS)

● allows any wap phone to view the content of one or more webcams

mobile userspace

● users can interact with others and publish their favorite content

web interview chat

● it's a web based service that allows anyone with no technical knowledge to set up a web based interview

● the audience can ask questions before and during the event

● very easy to use interface provides absolute control of all the incoming questions and takes all the stress out

● elegant user interface

● fully customizable

● fully hosted infrastructure provides maximum scalability and security

common examples

● newspaper interviews prime minister

● magazine has a weekly chat with a celebrity

● mayor of city has monthly chat with citizens

● ombudsperson of a bank or a utility company has a weekly chat with users

● football club has a week chat with fans

● football star has a monthly chat with fans

● NGO has a monthly chat about a relevant issue

mobile d-chat

● deaf people can communicate with other deaf people and with all their friends and family

● deaf people can use their phone as they usually do and does not interfere with SMS messaging

● does not require the download of any application, works with any wap phone

● based on a imaginative combination of SMS and wap

in one sentence,
we are confident we are your best partner to generate at least 25% of mass-market revenue in data traffic as soon as possible
in one sentence,
the only interview chat platform with which a technology-averse person can easily organize a successful chat with the prime minister
in one sentence,
the only platform thought specifically to meet the mobile communications of the deaf people with their friends and families

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