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a long-term and reliable partner   the user experience is our only gospel   all our clients are references

long-term client relationships

● we have been serving world-class clients, all references, in long-term relationships since 1.999

● we have a fixed-fee policy that includes "everything" including: the service itself, training, 24x7 support, upgrades, and any changes you may require in the future; the cost line in your business case will never change

● our redundant carrier-grade and scalable platform has provided 100% uptime to all our customers to date (we have serving some for longer than 5 years without interruption; not even for maintenance)

small, but financially very solid

● we are an international team of 10 people with degrees from places like MIT and extensive experience working in hi-tech companies around the world

● we have never had any outside investors nor any kind of debt, and never will; we invested our own money in the company

● have been profitable since our second year of operation

● our financial practices are extremely conservative (on a relative basis, we have more liquid assets in the bank than Microsoft)

● we have passed, with flying colors, the financial due-diligence of two of the Big Four international audit firms

for the end-user

● we design user interfaces with a scientific approach; real life user testing is the only methodology we follow; we never let our bias or the latest technology or fashion get in the way

● we strongly believe that for mobile users, less is more, and therefore our products intentionally have a streamlined feature set

● we believe only in universal services, the ones that that work seamlessly for all your installed base

for you

● we have written every line of the software and we serve every client with a dedicated infrastructure; as a consequence, we adapt to exactly meet your current and future needs

● we offer a very easy-to-use web-based interface to operate all aspects of our services

● you know you can suggest all the improvements and changes that you may need in the future since, thanks to our fixed-fee policy, we will not charge you extra for them; as stated before, the cost line in your business case will never change

"WAP chat is the latest of several projects which Vodafone has contracted Interactora to provide. The WAP chat project - it has been, without doubt, Vodafone Live's most successful application.

Despite Interactora being a small company based in Spain, Vodafone's customer satisfaction has been excellent and all the services provided have been very reliable and delivered on time.

What sets Interactora apart from other vendors is their reliability and attention to detail. Because Interactora are so customer-oriented in their business approach they are a pleasure to work with."


"We have been impressed with the quality of Interactora's work. Specifically:

● Their business predictions and proposals have proved to be rigorous and very profitable.

● Their implementation process was both clearly documented and consistently followed, allowing for an effortless and timely launch.

● Their IT reliability is excellent and require virtually no attention from our technical team.

● Their ongoing support to new requirements is proactive and timely.

● Their licensing and pricing is very clear.

In short, Interactora treat our chat service as it were their business and, doubtlessly, they are among our best providers whose execution meets consistently the highest professional standards."


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